The Wild Korea

DVD from HD original, color, sound, 16 mins loop
courtesy : Im PRODUCTION

directed/written by Gimhongsok
director of photography Jun-won, Hong
assistant director Jun-kyu, Ha
editor Yun-kyun, Jung
boom operator Sang-eun, Park/ Jun-kyu, Ha/ Yun-kyun, Jung
line producer Ji-eun, Lee/ Hyun-mi, Jung

Gee-don, Lee  Gee-don, Lee
a girlfriend of Gee-don, Lee  Jin-min, Kang
a boyfriend of a girlfriend of Gee-don, Lee Jun-suck, Bang
pedestrian at street  Hyuk, Chang
professor youngjunlee  Young-jun, Lee
student in MA course  Sung-yul, Yim
brave woman  Mi-sun, Ahn
a friend of brave woman  Eric Saison
party 1 of professor youngjunlee  Ji-eun, Lee
party 2 of professor youngjunlee  Jae-young, Sim
brave woman  Mi-sun, Ahn
man 1 at drinking party  Seung-yul, Yim
man 2 at drinking party  Eric Saison
a female customer in cafe  Jae-young, Sim
a customer in cafe  Yun-ho, Kwon
waiter  Gimhongsok
an officer  Dae-sung, Mun
a member of army  Ki-bong, Choi
a condemned criminal  Je-hee, Lee
bystander 1  Nam-sick, Kang
bystander 2  Woo-young, Jung
bystander 3  Yong-sook, Choi
a dead body 1  Hyun-gu, Lee
a dead body 2  Min-gil, Chang
a dead body 3  Yun-hee, Chang
a dead body 4  Sang-sook, Kim
a dead body 5  Mi-sook, Kim
Ansan Kyung-il high school instrumental parts teacher : Sang-sik, Sohn and 11person

Burning spear - Composed by Richard Evans, performed by Jimmy Smith