The Wild Korea
DVD from HD original, color, sound,
16:20 minutes

For Asians, the color red symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness.

If Koreans drink the smallest amount of alcohol, the level of alcohol concentration in their blood increases immediately and their faces turn bright red, because the process of breaking down the alcohol fails to take place. This is because Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), the enzyme in the liver that is needed to process and break down the toxin in alcohol known as Acetaldehyde, does not function properly and so therefore, most Koreans’ faces turn red just after ingesting alcohol.

During the military dictatorship period in Korea in the 1980s, countless numbers of anti-government, pro-democracy demonstrators were arrested and imprisoned after having been wiretapped by the central intelligence agency. Although pro-democracy groups uncovered the wiretapping devices and attempted to get rid of them, they were unable to resolve the issue because the removal of the devices would only prompt the installation of new ones. Thus, a few scientists came up with a new technology that would secretly scramble wiretapping mechanisms. This was a new technology whereby a conversation secretly being recorded would be transformed into a different one, leaving the original wiretapping device untouched. This development enabled pro-democracy activists to maintain their organizational lines and eventually allowed them to succeed in bringing a new administration into office in 1992. The way it worked was this: the words “Comrade A is going to Victory Plaza, in order to detonate the explosion,” would be transformed into “B’s mother is going to Peace Market in order to prepare for dinner.”

From the period following the Korean War until 1986, people with red faces in Korea were considered incompetents, socially maladjusted people, misanthropes, and communists. But lately, they have universally come to be seen as socialist leftists.

The truth is important. However, it is easy for wishful thinking to resemble the truth. The truth hurts.

The present government is secretly developing new technology in response to North Korea’s successful nuclear missile launch. The key elements are: the seven-league boots technique, the art of transforming, and ethics training. If these technologies succeed, South Korean special agents would be able to reach North Korea’s nuclear facilities and be able to instantaneously transform the nuclear missile into a giant cucumber. The ethics training would serve as a provision, in the case that a South Korean special agent, instantly returning to the South through the seven-league boots technique, would overthrow the president and morph himself into the president.

Communism is North Korea’s official line. The red of communism signifies the blood and revolution of revolutionary comrades, and additionally symbolizes the solidarity of all human beings united under the banner of the communist party.

Fiction is logical compared to the truth.